Features at a glance

  • Connections are of Tin/Silver plated EC Grade Copper & design verified to carry the specified continuous rated current.
  • Plating the copper maintains low operating temperatures as well as ensures that incase of oxidation, the contact resistance does not increase.
  • Connecters are designed to mate with the plug-in contact elements on one end and direct connection of field cables on the other end.
  • The housing/base is designed with ribbing to provide strength and improve the tracking index for better performance.
  • The housing/base is moulded out of Glass Reinforced Polymer which is non-hygroscopic, fire-retardant & self-extinguishing.


STANDARDS IEC 61439 – 1&2
Physical Characteristics Body Material: Glass Reinforced Polyamer (GRP)
Contact Material: Silver Plated Copper Contacts
Conductor Temp: 105°C*
Flammability: UL94-VO
Glow Wire: 960°C
Electrical Characteristics Voltage Ratings Equipment Voltage Ue: 690V
Insulation Voltage Ui: 690V
Impulse Voltage Uimp: 8kV
Current Rating 125 A

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