Flexible Enclosure Solution

The modulo range of Modular Enclosure System caters to the ever growing demand for highly flexible, aestheically pleasing & cost-effective, off-the-shelf enclosure solutions. The range is the distillation of years of field research & customer interaction, thereby offering you a product that caters to your every requirement.

Features at a glance

  • The modulo range being highly flexible caters to a variety of applications like lighting distribution boards, power distribution boards, metering boards, motor control centres, power control centres, drive & PLC enclosures, control desks, control consoles etc.
  • The enclosures are highly customisable & can be setup for a variety of applications. The modularity of the range extends you the flexibility of mixing & matching vario -us styles of enclosures with a single panel board.
  • The modulo range of enclosures follow a common design thread, with many parts that have multiple applications, thereby reducing the inventory carrying cost. The enclosures are available in single front & space saving double front configurations. The sustem being modular future expansion is possible.
  • The systems lets you configure your panel based on the site conditions (top-bus or bottom-bus design can be configured using the same parts). The modulo range is designed to enable quick assembly using stand -ard tools. Thus giving you the chance to plan your job on the go.
  • The entire range of modular enclosures is fabricated from the finest of materials with the use of the latest sheet metal fabrication design & manufacturing tools. Thus making them the perfect blend of eye-catching aes -thetics & cost-effective design.
  • The range is designed to satisfy all the strin -gent technical requirements & its thereby suited to meet diverse requirements under extreme ambient site conditions. It is specially designed to incorporate the entire range of swithgear available from Siemens, L&T, Schneider, ABB, GE etc.

Multi-tier Enclosure

These versatile enclosures can be configured for use in applications such as Lighting Distibution, Lighting Distribution, Motor Control Centres etc.

Multi-tier Enclosure

The prime application of these enclosures is for Power Control Centres in single tier, two & three tier configuratoin.

Extensible Enclosure

Evergreen enclosures used in a variety of applications ranging from PLC Panels, Drive Panels, Transformer Panels, Rectifier Panels etc.

Control Desks/Consoles

Applications include Desks & Consoles for process control applications, machinery control consoles etc..

Wall/Floor Mount Boxes

Welded boxes meant for use in a variety of applications such as Distribution Boxes, Junction Boxes, Capacitor Panels etc.

Control Relay Enclosure

These custom-built enclosures are used for the integration of Control Relay Panels, Annuciation Panels etc.

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