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Over the years SUNESONS has continued to postion itself as the number one manufacturer of Drawout MCC Enclosures & Drawout Electrical Accessories in the markets of India.Middle East Asia & South East Asia. Middle East Asia & South East Asia. The SUNESONS  range is market driven, where constant advancements in technology compel us to develop new & improved products. This range has since grown to include many more cabinets, consoles & accessories.

SUNESONS relish the daily challenges that present themselves in design, manufacturing & sales. We pace our marketing in ouder to attract select new customers, while ensuring support…



Now! The all new mötrcon:2485-NX! Quick, Easy & Consistant…
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Services Offered

We offer complete product design & prototyping solutions, to provide you…
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We have UL Verified IEC 61439-1&2 and many other certifications…
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mötrcon : Drawout Panels

65kA Short Circuit Tested Drawout MCC Panel Enclosures. Offered complete in all respects, ready for switchgear assembly & wiring…

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Plugin : Drawout Components

Drawout Power & Control Contacts tested as part of Drawout Module during Full Type Test for Temperature Rise, Milli-volt Drop…

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mödulo – Modular Enclosure System

50kA Tested Modular Enclosures. Available in knock‐down kits, ready for assembly & wiring. With mödulo™ – Modular Enclosures…

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High level of Quality Control in compliance with International & National Standards & Regulations.

We use the latest in CAD & CAM softwares to provide our client with value added services like product design & refinement.



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